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The consumer is interested in reducing the number of advertising and reduce its obtrusiveness, the manufacturer, by contrast, is interested in increasing both the number of advertising and audience coverage, however, compromise solutions, for example, advertising on the real property on mutually beneficial with facility owners and homeowners ' associations condition.[11] The interests of society as a whole require to protect consumers from false and deceptive advertising. That is, the final decision on whether the methods of promoting legitimate or not, takes a specialist — moderator of the search engine, not a program. The photo served as irrefutable proof of the benefits of the advertised product. Written advertising was embodied, in addition to papyrus scrolls and wax tablets, inscriptions on the roadside stones, and also on buildings.

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On 02 January 2017

search engine optimization, SEO) — a set of measures to raise the site positions in search results of search engines for certain queries users for the purpose of website promotion.

On 02 January 2017

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